Friday, March 30, 2007

Looking Over My Shoulder

With a 40th HS reunion staring me in the face, I've spent some time corresponding with friends and looking over my shoulder at what the years have brought.

One perception that has been knocked by the wayside is that, by now, I would be in the twilight of a professional career where 40 hour weeks would be the norm- with plenty of time to pursue other interests. I find I'm working harder and longer now than when I was 30! The unsettling thing about this observation is that I don't see it changing in the near future. It almost looks like, instead of a leisurely lope, it will be a mad dash to the finish line of retirement.

I don't find that I've lost my desire to work hard and produce quality results, but I do find that I am starting to care immensely more about where that effort is directed. Who knows but that this could lead towards looking for a way to go into business for myself?

On the public affairs front- a couple of issues: Alberto Gonzales and the British hostages.

Poor, Alberto. A classic American success story. An immigrant made good. Submarined because he was too naive about the political process. Firing US attorneys is not a crime. It's done to political appointees all the time. It really has little effect upon investigations or prosecutions in progress, because those are usually done by the staff attorneys. In some respects, the US attorney position is simply a stepping stone to higher political office. Why Gonzales wasn't forthcoming about his role in determining who was to be let go is puzzling to me, but what is more puzzling is how the Dems were able to gin up so much outrage over a "non-issue".

Now, on the subject of the British hostages- I'm livid. I'm angry that I've heard so many leftists say that Iran was in the right- that they couldn't "trust" the word of the UK on this issue. Let's see, whose word do I take.......the word of a civilized country or the word of a country that hosts a "Holocaust Denial" symposium in its capital? Tough call.....NOT.

I guess this will have to suffice. Call it a "scattershooting" column if you must. Maybe an entry back into posting more often than quarterly :)

God's blessings be with you all.