Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Dealing with Change

A little excerpt from my time as chaplain in the East Coast Hockey League. Hope you enjoy.


Someone much wiser than I once said that the only constant in life was change. Recent events in the US and around the world seem to indicate that fellow knew what he was talking about. Change is inevitable. Sometimes it is for the better. Sometimes change can be devastating. How do you face change?

Jesus knew all about change. He went from obscurity to becoming a wandering preacher, to becoming a candidate to rescue the nation of Israel from the hands of Roman oppressors, to becoming scorned, outcast and sacrificed so that the political boat wouldn’t be rocked. He went from “nobody” to “somebody” to “nobody” (in the eyes of his countrymen) in the course of three short years. If you have ever read the Gospels, you marvel that Jesus moved through all of these events with a sense of calm that overwhelms our ability to comprehend.

He gave us one insight as to how he did it in a parable he told. That parable can be found in the Gospel of Matthew (Matt 7:21-28). He talked about 2 men who undertook a building project. One man, he described as wise. That man chose to build on a foundation of rock. The other man was called foolish, for he chose to build on a foundation of sand. When a furious storm came, with wind, rain and floods, guess whose building was left standing? That part is pretty obvious.

What’s not so obvious is why those two men chose the different foundations to build on. Jesus said that the wise man chose the right foundation because he not only heard what Jesus was teaching, but tried to live out those teachings. In fact, God was the foundation! The other man chose to do things his own way. His foundation was based on his own wisdom and supposed strength. He chose not to pay attention to all that ‘religious’ stuff.

At the core of the story is something very interesting. Jesus seems to say that relationship and motive are essential ingredients to handling what life throws at you. I’ve been around the block a few times myself. I’ve been abandoned by a dad and forced to look after 3 younger brothers. I’ve been all the way to the top of the corporate ladder and knocked back down again. I’ve had it worse than a lot, but much, much better than some. You know what? The ‘Boss’ that I work for has provided such a solid foundation for me that, although the storms in my life haven’t been a lot of fun, they haven’t washed me away! He promised a secure foundation if I kept myself in right relationship with Him and did the things I was called to do at work and at home with the right motive.

How’s your foundation? Need a little shoring up? If so, I know a ‘Builder’ I can put you in touch with that does an excellent job! Something to think about!

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