Thursday, December 31, 2009

Stuff 'n Things (in honor of a friend)

Wow- 2009 is almost in the bag...

Another nice cold, rainy day. One of the coldest December's on record is about to go in the books for the North Texas area. I keep rooting for global warming to give me more good golfing days, but it's not cooperating. I was thinking about writing a nasty letter to Al Gore, but then realized that, unless it had money attached, he was probably not going to read it.

We (the wife and I) were feeling adventurous today and went and invested in a Wii. I can hardly wait for the indoor tennis matches to begin. The things we do to convince ourselves we need to get up and move about! I just try to remain positive about expenditures like this. The smile on the face of the cashier made me feel I was doing a good thing by keeping her job secure.

My oldest daughter, along with granddaughter and hubby, are spending New Year's Eve with us. I anticipate a wonderful time having Maddie snuggled in the crook of Poppi's arm watching "Chronicles of Narnia" this evening. Perhaps a bowling match or two with the son-in-law on the Wii.

My wish for folks out there in the blogosphere is that 2010 works out better- maybe a little less vitriol in the political debate, a little more effort to get involved with your local community (be it food kitchen, homeless shelter, school tutoring, or visiting shut-ins). I honestly think this is one of the keys to recovering our society. We're becoming so disconnected and isolated. It's an eye-opener for a lot of people to venture outside their own circle of friends to see what's going on in the larger world.

Whatever you do, may it bless you and those around you. Happy New Year!

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